Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nokia C1-01 LCD Screen Display Problem Jumper Ways Solution

This is the Nokia C1-01 Solution for an abnormal display problem, such as blank or empty screen, garbled or dark screen display. This solution may works if you already tried installing a new LCD screen module and tried updating the device firmware but still the screen went wrong.

Refer to the solution below and do trace the LCD soldered pads connector down to the corresponding components such as the resistors and filter coils. The resistors has as resistance value of 22o ohms each. The VAUX is 2.8 volts and the VIO is 1.8 volts, you may also check these voltages.
This also includes the connection line paths of the LCD backlight LED, to fix if the white LED at the back of the LCD doesn't turns ON and shows a dark display.

C1-01 LCD Display Problem Solution

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