Monday, 26 September 2011

5130 insert Sim Card Problem solution

Here's the full tracing line paths for repairing Nokia 5130 xpressmusic Insert sim card problem. This solution shows the primary tracks paths for tracing the sim connector pin to the inner part of the circuit component such as the power IC(AVILMAS)
This guide may help fix insert sim card that shown on the LCD screen display even when tried inserting any kind of well working sim card on it.

The highlighted spots indicated on the picture guide above is the sim voltage supply (VSIM) that is feed from a chip capacitor near the power IC. All the remaining signal such as the clock, reset and data were all connected directly to the inner solder ball bumps of the power IC. So the only way to trace this lines is to remove the power IC then reball it and inplace it back again.

5130 insert Sim Card Problem solution

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