Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nokia 2690 Ringer , Hands Free Speaker Problem -Jumper Ways Solution

Here' the Nokia 2690 Solution for not working ringer, buzzer or hands free speaker problem. This solution may possibly help fix the phone if such problem occurred like no ringtone can be heard and the loud speaker doesn't work.

To fix this problem, you may first check if the speaker is working or not, or try installing a new one on it. Clean also the terminal contact pads. If the speaker is okay, you may refer to the solution below and check the components where the speaker is being connected.

Locate all the highlighted components on the solution above, this components is where the speaker is being connected. You may check all filter coils and ESD protection diode then replace if found damaged.
If all the components above seems all okay, trace each connection line paths then mend to reconnect it back if found opened or cut.
If the above procedure does not fix the problem, the possible faulty is the AVILMA IC., Try to reheat it first, then rework and replace if necessary. This option may only help fix the Nokia 2690 Ringer or hands free loud speaker problem.

Nokia 2690 Ringer , Hands Free Speaker Problem Solution

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