Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nokia 2690 White Screen, Blue and Blank Screen LCD Display Problem Solution

Here's a solution that may possibly help fix and repair Nokia 2690 LCD Display problems like white screen, blue screen, black or blank screen displays. If you're having tried to replace a new LCd display module replacement when trying to repair display problem on Nokia 2690 but nothing happens and the problem still exists. This solution below shows the connection of LCD display data signals from the application processor chip to each single pins of the LCD connector.

The solution above shows a detailed information of the display data signal being feeds from the application processor IC to the LCD display pin connector. Each line is been filtered by a resistor that has resistance value of 33ohms each. You may check each resistor and trace each particular line paths, replace the resistor if found damaged or by then apply a jumper for an open line or cut connections.

2690 LCD display connection line tracks ( display jumper ways)

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