Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nokia X2-01 Camera Hardware Failure Problem Solution

Nokia X2-01 Camera Hardware Failure Problem Solution

Here's the solution for Nokia X2-01 if damaged and the camera goes wrong and it doesn't work. This solution may work for

hardware problem issues and you already ensure that the firmware is already been re-installed or flash/update, but the

problem still exists.

Refer to the solution below have a check up on highlighted components, for it holds the camera connection line paths. You

may also then check and trace the camera supply voltages (VCAM 1.8V and 2.8V). Mostly, if these voltages are missing it

will result to camera failure situation.

You may also check the camera module holder for possible damaged. Clean, re-solder it if necessary. Sometimes an oxidation

build up due to wet or water damaged may cause the problem to exist.

Nokia X2-01 Camera Problem Solution

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