Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nokia X2-01 Bluetooth Hardware Problem Solution

Nokia X2-01 Bluetooth Hardware Problem Solution

ere's a solution if having a Bluetooth function failure on Nokia X2-01 due to wet damaged or accidentally dropped. The

solution below shows the key components of bluetooth on the device. Bluetooth may not often damaged, for it is properly

shielded and mounted toughly on the PCB board. But sometimes it also goes wrong specially when the device is getting wet by

a any liquid or just have being accidentally dropped.

To fix Bluetooh X2-01 problem you may first check the device firmware. and try to restore it, flash or update it. If the

device suffered wet damaged, you may first take a check up on the bluetooth components, clean it first, by using a liquid

cleaner. Check the antenna connection pads and connector, if the connection is weak it will also result to connection error

and malfunction..

Check and trace the supply voltages to the bluetooth module... If the voltages were okay, then you may proceed to re-working

and replacement procedure.

Nokia X2-01 Bluetooth Problem Hardware Solution

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  1. helo, m using x2-01 and i used to connect my nokia bh-505 to have a music but since from starting the volume is vry low! So plz can u help me?